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For prayers, life events and pastoral matters

Please contact the Revd Andrew Doye on (01243) 372867 or by email to

If you have a baptism, wedding or funeral enquiry, you can find more information in our 'Life Events' section of the website.

Parish Hall contacts
Parish church organisations contacts

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Calling codes

The phone numbers below should be prefixed with the code 01243 if you are calling from outside the area or via a mobile phone.

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Pastoral - Rector and Reader



Parish Hall



Parish directory

Website contacts

Telephone codes, data protection and more




The Revd Andrew Doye
The Rectory, Westbourne Road, Westbourne PO10 8UL.
For specific wedding, baptism and funeral enquiries, please telephone the Rector.
Rector, the Revd Andrew Doye on (01243) 372867 or by


Mr Martin Brown
Contact via the parish office

Churchwardens and Parish Administrator

Churchwarden, Mrs Jane Stuttard
Tel: 431810
Email Jane

Churchwarden, Mrs Angela Leggett
Tel: 377825
Email Angela

Churchwarden, Mr Andrew Turner
Tel: 373545

Deputy Churchwarden, Kirsty Maslen


Parish Administrator, Mrs Marjorie Kipling
Email Marjorie [ kiplingmarjorie (at) gmail (dot) com ]



Prayer Links

Prayer requests can be made by writing your own note or using a prayer card available in the Prayer Area of St John the Baptist Church and in the porch at Woodmancote Church. You only need to give a small amount of information.

Requests can be posted in Prayer Links boxes at these locations or in a box outside the Parish Hall (near the bike racks).

Prayer requests to the Rector

Alternatively, a request can be made to the Rector, the Revd Andrew Doye on (01243) 372867 or by

More information on prayer requests.

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Parish Hall 

For enquiries about hiring the hall use the 

More info about the Parish Hall

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This is like a 'governing body' for the church. It is made up of elected members and chaired by the Rector. It is part of the policy and decision-making structure for the church.

PCC Secretary, Mrs Rachael Bridger
Tel: 430802
Email the PCC Secretary
or type into your webmail, rkbridger at gmail dot com 
Note: you will need to swap the 'at' for '@' and the 'dot' for a full stop. There should be no spaces in the email address when you type it.

Treasurer, Mr Stewart Taylor
Tel: 023 9258 0672
Email the Treasurer (

PCC Elected Members

In alphabetical order: Mrs Susan Alexander, Mrs Rachael Bridger, Mrs Judith Davis, Mrs Karen Doye, Mrs Alison George, Mr Andrew Gordon-Lennox, Mr David Olliff, Mrs Sarah Pitts. 
Co-options: Mrs Abigail Rowe, Mr Stewart Taylor.

Deanery Synod Representatives

Mrs Fiona Greville, Mr Andrew Turner, Mrs Jane Wilkinson, Mrs Marjorie Kipling.

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Children and young people

Safeguarding section of the website
Parish Safeguarding Officer, Mrs Susan Alexander
Tel: 377600

Young children, Mrs Katie Elliott-Smith
Tel: 375409

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Parish Directory

For contacts for church groups, Westbourne Parish Magazine, Gift Aid, Bible Fellowship, bellringers and more, visit the church organisations page.

Website contacts

Please complete the contact us form or email the web team if you have a query about a web page, have content ideas, or have a difficulty accessing a file or a web link. Thank you.

Photographs on this website remain the copyright of Westbourne PCC, unless stated otherwise.

Telephone codes and data protection

Telephone numbers on this page have a geographic code of 01243 unless stated otherwise.

Numbers provided on this page are for administration and ministry purposes only and should not be copied into online directories without the express written permission of Westbourne PCC and the individual(s) concerned.


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