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News and notices

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Some of our events and special services

Climate Sunday 2021 - the altar decorated with messages


Climate Sunday 2021

Prayers were offered on boats, following the thought from Christian Aid "The climate crisis is a storm that affects us all, but we are not all in the same boat." 





Remembrance Sunday 2021


Remembrance Sunday

Wreaths were laid once again at the memorial in Westbourne as a crowd gathered for the Act of Remembrance, November 2021.

Remembrance Sunday 2020 (this opens in a new window and goes to a member of the congregation's YouTube video)







Candles lit at the altar


Supporting those who have lost friends and loved ones

Candles lit in memory of those who died in the last two years at the Friends & Relatives Remembrance Service, November 2021.











Easter flowers display in church


Floral displays

The church has a wonderful group of flower arrangers. Pictured is an example of their work from Easter 2021.

We are collecting more images of the flowers from special events, please do share them with us. Links to photos from 2022 are at the link belw.

Easter flowers from 2022

Easter 2021 online photo competition

Christmas 2020 flowers




Easter Day candle lit at St John the Baptist Church

Easter services

The New Easter candle - the Light of Christ rekindled at dawn today.



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