April 2019 - Rector's Ramblings

“It makes me cross!”
    – we hear it repeatedly.
“It makes me cross
    that terrorists can plot to kill or maim;
    that so much money is wasted,
    on [this or that], while no one seems
    to care about [these others];
    that she, who’s never harmed a soul,
    should have to endure so much;
    that as soon as things get tough, he thinks,
    he can ride away from his responsibilities”.
At Easter Jesus bore His Cross.
He suffered much hatred and indignity,
    pain and abandonment.

Yet, in the most unforeseen of ways,
    He triumphed over it.
His Cross was not to glorify pain, insult
or injury, but to show the love of God
and the new life that He opens up for us.
May this invitation make you cross...
    the road to join us, if you can:
in celebrating the events at the heart of our faith,
in offering worship at our churches this Easter.
I invite you most warmly.

With very best wishes,
Andrew Doye (Rector)

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