Mission Action Plan 2018

St John the Baptist and Woodmancote Churches' Mission Action Plan 2018

On 23 September 2018, the congregations of Westbourne and Woodmancote spent some time looking at our Mission Action Plan. The main themes of the plan is described below.

Diocesan Values: To Know, Love and Follow Jesus

  • To share the experience of Christian faith with others
  • To grow our Christian faith and community together 
  • To reach out to people in Westbourne and further afield


There are three broad objectives in the Action Plan. They are:
  1. To provide a great welcome and ensure services, events and communications are inclusive of all.
  2. To provide inspiring and passionate services that will appeal to young and old, long standing and new members and some visitors who are trying us out.
  3. To venture confidently into the future.
The Mission Action Plan is a tool to help us prioritise our resources. Three small groups have been set up to look further at how these objectives might be taken forward, these groups will report back to the Parochial Church Council in November 2018. They are looking at welcome, communication and ideas from other churches and organisations.  Other topics will be worked on in the future, as we have to pace ourselves and manage our resources.
Please take a look at the plan. Please give it your thought and share your ideas, put them into the tray by the library in St John the Baptist Church or addressed to Jane Stuttard via the Parish Hall letter box or by email to janestuttard18@gmail.com  and they will be passed on to the appropriate group.
"A vision without a plan is a dream. A plan without a vision is a chore."

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