Readers’s Rumblings - April 2021

Martin in his reader’s robesI thought I had done with these when I wrote my last one in April 2017, just prior to Andrew coming to us as our new Rector. But here I am again writing an article. I will refrain from making any reference to the current fortunes of Portsmouth FC!

Easter this year will be very different for most of us – certainly for the worshipping community at St John the Baptist's.

We have seen a gradual relaxation in our national lockdown and hopefully some of us will be able (at long last) to see friends and family in the flesh, rather than via technology, during the Easter period.

There will be no services in our Church during Easter and we will be encouraging people to access services on line, possibly those offered by the Cathedral. We will be providing reflective material which is especially relevant for those amongst our congregation who do not have internet access.

We greatly miss our physical worship and pray that it is not too long before we are able to safely worship in our Church. We are hoping that from the 1 April 2021, your Church will be open for private worship on Thursdays and Sundays, and during the Easter weekend.

Easter is the highpoint of the Christian year and this year will be strange - not being in Church and seeing the transformation of the Church from the drabness of Lent to a wonderfully decorated place of worship; to not listening to the Easter anthems and sharing communion; and for me (and the younger members of the Church) no Easter Egg Hunt!!

The Easter story concerns life and death, and has an added poignancy in these times, and it is not one that should be dismissed as being out-dated.  Some regard the Easter story as a fairy tale. It is not and it is still very relevant for today, and is indeed a story lived out daily in Church communities and in other areas of our lives.

The Easter message - life’s triumph over death - is as real today as it was in Jesus’ time. The darkness brought on by the struggle over pain, injury, loss and the other challenges life throws at us, is not the end.  Remember Easter is for us all and it begins in love.

Please have a happy Easter however you choose to mark it.

Martin Brown – Reader at St John the Baptist


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