April 2017 - Reader's Rumblings

I lived in Cornwall for 21 years and where I worked (the local Council) we had a Christian Fellowship group, which met regularly. With the support of our Chief Executive and Councillors we were able to mark Remembrance Day with a short service, hold a Carol Service and lead the prayers before each Council meeting (the Councillors needed all the help they could get).

One Easter we decided to issue a reminder to our colleagues. A flyer was placed on each desk along with a crème egg. We had a favourable response. The flyer contained the following message.

Hot Cross Buns
Two Bank Holidays

That’s Easter nailed.
Isn’t it?

God loved the world so much He gave us Jesus. By believing in Him we can live forever with God.

Have a Happy Easter

Our Easter Services this year will be led by the Rt Revd John Hind, the retired Bishop of Chichester, and they will contain different elements to the services held at St John the Baptist in previous Easters. I know they will be thought provoking and moving.

This has been one of the joys of not having a Rector; being able to welcome visiting priests and experiencing slight variations in the way in which we approach our worship. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you live in the village you will receive a card outlining our Easter Services – from Palm Sunday on the 9 April – followed by three short evening services on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week when we will be meditating on the Stations of the Cross; to our Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and then Easter Day services.

The Easter story concerns life and death, and it is not one that should be dismissed as being out-dated. Some regard it as a fairytale. It is not and it is still very relevant for today, and is indeed a story lived out daily in Church communities and in other areas of our lives.

The Easter message - life’s triumph over death - is as real today as it was in Jesus’ time. The darkness brought on by the struggle over pain, injury, loss and the other challenges life throws at us, is not the end. Remember Easter is for us all and it begins in love.

Have a happy Easter however you choose to mark it.

Martin Brown, Reader, St John the Baptist Church, Westbourne

Holy Week and Easter Services, April 2017

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