Prayers needed?

Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Westbourne

Prayer Links was started more than 10 years ago by the Church in Westbourne when a small group agreed to pray, in confidence, for a person or situation. Prayers are offered daily for a month, and requests can be renewed.

Prayer requests can be made by writing your own note or using a prayer card available in the Prayer Area of St John the Baptist Church and in the porch at Woodmancote Church. You only need to give a small amount of information, e.g. “Please pray for Jane who is having an operation”.

Requests can be posted in Prayer Links boxes at these locations or in a box outside the Parish Hall (near the bike racks). Alternatively, a request can be emailed to the Rectory Office for the attention of the Rector, the Revd Andrew Doye.

Please contact the Rector if you need pastoral support or would like to request a member of the Ministry Team to pray with you.


Weekly pew sheet

If you would like someone to be listed in the prayers on the weekly pew sheet, please contact the Rectory Office. Please check that the person to be named has given permission to be listed.



Discover more about this form of regular prayer on our Intercessions page.

Intercessions for Harvest, October 2018

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