Easter 2019

Join us for our Easter Celebrations (14—21 April)

Palm Sunday

​9.30am​    Sung Communion, with reading of the Passion of Christ (starts in The Square)

Monday – Wednesday

7.30pm​     Evening Meditations, word and imagery (30  minutes)

Maundy Thursday

​7.30pm​     Sung Communion to 8.40pm (followed by Silent Vigil)

Good Friday

10.00am​   Walk the Way of The Cross (starts from Monks Hill)

​​​2.00pm​     Hour ‘At The Cross’ with hymns

Holy Saturday

2.00 to 4.00pm    Easter Egg Hunt and Activities (Westbourne Church)

​​​7.30pm​​                Waiting and Praying – Readings and Silence (45 minutes)

Easter Day

5.15am      ‘Son-Rise’ Service

​​​8.00am​      Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)

​​9.30am​      Parish Communion

​​​11.15am​    Sung Communion at Woodmancote


Easter Greeting

This month of April contains the most poignant and arresting days of the Christian Year. From Palm Sunday, and through the days that follow, there unwinds for us the incomparable narrative of acclaim, confrontation, rejection, mis-trial, suffering and prayer; of silent absence, and of joyous restitution and glorious new life. It is the story of God’s abiding presence through the darkest night; and the resurrection pronounces healing on a world’s cruel ills.

As we rest a while alongside the re-telling of Holy Week, may we be strengthened beyond all expectation in the knowledge and consolation of God’s love; may our prayer become a deeper endeavour than hitherto; and may our hearts and minds perceive afresh the divine compassion: drawing us to God, and shaping us each to be the person we most seek to be.

Every blessing along the Way.

‘Alleluia, Christ is risen!’ ‘He is risen, indeed: Alleluia!’

Revd Andrew Doye, Rector of Westbourne 


Good Friday walk 2019

Members of the St John the Baptist congregation walked through Westbourne on Good Friday (19 April 2019) with a large wooden cross.

The walk is a traditional part of Easter in the village.

The Rector, the Revd Andrew Doye, said: “The walk is a great way for us to remember Jesus's journey to the place where he was crucified, and the sacrifice he made for us. We share the sadness of Good Friday and look forward to the joy and hope of the resurrection on Easter Day.”


Lent Lunches

All of the lunch events start at 12.30pm in the Parish Hall, Westbourne.

Friday 5 & 12 April 2019

We continue our Lent lunches for the first two Fridays in April 2019. The Lent lunches so far have proved to be very thoughtful and stimulating as well as sociable and as always delicious. The short mini talks from leaders of charities working with uprooted and displaced people have been very popular. The lunch is a soup, roll, butter and cheese. We ask for a donation of £3.50 or more.

5 April 2019 - Red Cross International is one of the first charities allowed into troubled zones and has a reputation for working both for emergency aid while at the same time setting up sustained support. They provide both medical treatment but also offer humanitarian aid such as food and counselling. Recently I met a couple working with Red Cross International from Emsworth. They were working in Syria to aid and arbitrate negotiations for peace in a non-biased approach for the benefit of the people. Clearly they had very complex and challenging roles. In Syria many people are uprooted and internally displaced due to armed conflict and violence.

12 April 2019 - Stonepillow is an excellent charity working with homeless and displaced people in Chichester. We have been supporting them for many years. Hilary Bartle, Chief Executive of Stonepillow will be coming to share the latest developments of this charity and how it is adjusting to today’s issues.

We welcome everyone to join us for the lunches.

Robina Richter 


Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday 20 April 2019, 2-4pm: join us for the Real Easter Egg Hunt, at Westbourne Church.


Easter Lilies

Easter Sunday falls on 21 April 2019, when we decorate our church with lilies to celebrate the risen Christ. Like so many churches in England, there is a tradition in Westbourne of giving money for lilies, often in memory of loved ones. Donations will be gratefully received by the Rector or Elisabeth B.


Easter Cards

In the welcome area at the back of the church there is a very reasonably priced selection of cards with pictures of Easter flower arrangements which make suitable Easter cards. Elisabeth B.


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