The Westbourne Church community is involved in a number of fundraising initiatives. These include raising funds for the ongoing running of the church's ministry in the parish, the maintenance of the building, and specific projects. In addition, There are also fundraising events held throughout the year for local, national and international charities.

Join us for these exciting events and help our fundraising

Contact details for the events can be found in the pew sheets available in the church. If you want to find out more but are unable to collect a pew sheet, in the first instance, please email the Parish Office.

If you are organising a fundraising event on behalf of Westbourne Church and want it to appear on this page, contact the Parish Webmaster.

  • parishioners enjoying cakes and coffeeCoffee Mornings - these are held throughout the year for different causes.
    On Mondays and Thursdays from 10am to 12pm in the Churchill Room at the Parish Hall, come and join us for teas, coffees, cakes, biscuits and a good chat at the regular drop-in. There is no coffee drop-in held on the first Thursday of the month.

    Knit and Natter - If you are a novice or experienced knitter, come along to the Thursday coffee mornings (except 1st Thursdays in the month) to share your projects and queries about knitting while enjoying cake and coffee. 
  • First Friday lunches are held in aid of a range of charities at home and abroad. These take place in the Parish Hall at 12.30pm. on the first Friday of every month (not including August) and every Friday during Advent and Lent. These events are organised through the Home and Overseas Support Group. Please check notices in the pew sheet and the parish magazine for more details. 

2017 & 2018 Fundraising

If you have any ideas or would like to volunteer to help with church fundraising in 2017-2018, please contact the Treasurer. The Treasurer and the Fundraising Co-ordinator warmly welcome both suggestions and volunteers for our 2017 and 2018 programme.

Results of 2017 and 2016 fundraising activities can be found in later sections on this page. Thanks to everyone for their generosity and support of these events and to the organisers for all their efforts.

  • Supper Lectures - the final talk will be on Friday 23 November 2018. Further details on leaflet in the Welcome Area at St. John the Baptist Church. Thanks to all those who attended on Saturday 29 September 2018 and Saturday 20 October 2018.

  • Christmas Lunch 2018 - Saturday 1 December 2018, 10am-12pm, Westbourne Parish Hall.

  • Westbourne and Woodmancote Church Communities Christmas Lunch - Sunday 16 December 2018, 12.30pm for 1pm

  • Spring 2019 - Church and Community Dog Walk with Parish Walk.

50/50 Club

  • For details of how you can join the 50/50 Club, contact the organisers via the Parish Office.

Fundraising news from 2018 events

Woodmancote Church 125th Anniversary Appeal

Dark green building with white windows, with grass surroundingThe appeal held in autumn 2017 to support works of restoration at Woodmancote Church has had a successful completion. We had set a target of £14,000. 

Following an energetic campaign of events, the support of the PCC, and generous individual contributions from churchgoers and villagers throughout the parish, we have achieved a total of £21,500. This will allow us to pursue works in 2018, inside and outside, to restore the Church to its former glories. Well done!

  • Sunday 16 September 2018, 7pm - Organ Recital at St John the Baptist Church, Westbourne, was given by Chichester Cathedral organist Charles Harrison.
    More about the recital
    > The recital programme

  • First Friday Lunch on 7 September 2018 raised funds for the work of the Bible Society.

  • First Saturday in September 2018 - Ride and Stride. Could you get involved and support the churches historic church and our churches here in the Westbourne Parish? All you need is to choose from a number of routes to walk or cycle, and individually or with some friends and family, visit as many churches taking part on the day. You can walk or cycle at your own pace. You can collect sponsorship for the number of churches you visit or miles you cover. Ride & Stride is supported by the Historic Churches Trust. 
    > Ride and Stride UK (National Churches Trust)
    > Sussex Historic Churches Trust Ride and Stride

  • Saturday 4 August 2018 Parish Quiet Day. Andrew Doye was joined by a number of the church congregation for a quiet day in Birdham.

  • Saturday 21 July 2018 Church Fete
    Thank you to all those who took part and raised money for the support of the parish.
  • Saturday 30 June 2018 - Cake Tasting. Thanks to everyone who came to support this event, the organisers and volunteer cake bakers.
  • Organ recital – 20 May 2018, 7pm, Westbourne St John the Baptist Church
    There is a long and distinguished tradition of music making at St John The Baptist Church, Westbourne, both in its worship life and as a concert venue. For the latest contribution to that tradition, the church presented an organ recital by the current Organ Scholar at Chichester Cathedral Kyoko Canaway. 

    Announcing the recital, the church’s Director of Music Stewart Taylor said: “We are fortunate at St John The Baptist to have a quite exceptional organ – certainly one of the best in West Sussex and a fine example of just how good a modern pipe organ can be. Its responsiveness and broad range of tone colours encourage artistic playing and make it suitable for organ music of all periods. Whilst the organ is much enjoyed by our regular congregation, we are keen to make it available to a wider audience. When Charles Harrison, organist at Chichester Cathedral, mentioned to me that they had a talented organ scholar this year it seemed the perfect opportunity to get the ball rolling.”

    Kyoko Canaway, who is also Organ Scholar Designate at Gonville and Caius, Cambridge, performed a wide-ranging programme, including early organ music by Gibbons and Bruhns, moving to the Baroque master himself, JS Bach. She also demonstrated the versatility of the organ by playing music of a more Romantic style by two of the great French organist-composers, Vierne and Saint-Saens. 

    The Recital took place on Sunday 20 May 2018 at 7pm. Entrance was free, with a retiring collection in aid of church funds.

    The next organ recital will be on Sunday 16 September 2018 at 7pm with Chichester Cathedral organist Charles Harrison

  • Christian Aid evening - Saturday 12 May 2018, 7.30pm, Westbourne Parish Hall
    This year the social evening featured a Mexican, chilli supper. Attendees brought your own cutlery, crockery, glass and drinks to enjoy the chilli-con-carne meal and dessert. A huge thank you to everyone who made this event possible and attended on the evening. £900 (including Gift Aid and donations) was raised for Christian Aid. Thanks especially to Robina R and the team.
  • Quiz Night, Parish Hall - Saturday 21 April 2018, 6.45pm for 7pm, Westbourne Parish Hallyellow balls with question marks at the top of the poster with Quiz Night in blue and information as in the text
    This evening event with buffet raised £500 for general church funds.

Lent Lunches 2018

Each Friday during Lent an austerity lunch was held at Westbourne Parish Hall. The following donations were made to charities following this year's lunch series:
The Glen Lorne Fellowship, Zimbabwe - £170
Embrace the Middle East - £130
Society of Mary and Martha at Sheldon - £160
The Children’s Society - £150
Jeel Al Amal orphanage, Bethany, Jerusalem - £230
Community of the Sisters of the Church - £180
A magnificent total of £1,020 – with grateful thanks to all who supported the lunches and to the Home and Overseas Committee for making them happen.

  • 4 April 2018 - The Ffith Lent Lunch was in aid of USPG.
  • 9 March 2018 - The Fourth Lent Lunch was in aid of The Children’s Society, an organisation which has helped 13,000 vulnerable children in 2017. 
  • 2 March 2018 - The Third Lent Lunch in support of The Sheldon Centre, a retreat centre just west of Exeter, where facilities are open to everyone. A programme is offered to support people in ministry, particularly at times of stress or crisis. Visit for more details.
  • 17 February 2018 - Marmalade Festival 2018 - with the Seville orange season upon us, parishioners were hard at making wonderful jars of marmalade. Croissants and toast served with marmalade, washed down with coffee or tea, were enjoyed at the event. Organiser, Andrew Turner, said: "A huge thank you to everyone who helped with this yesterday and those who came and had breakfast and bought so many jars!  We raised more than £400 which is a great result."
  • 3 February 2018 - David Nason: Ivor Novello concert
    > More details about the event
  • 5 January 2018, Food and Fizz -  Many thanks to all who supported this event and special thanks to Russell and Paula our host and hostess. The event raised £230 for church funds.


Fundraising 2017 News

> Discover the news on events held in 2017 to raise money for the church and other good causes

Fundraising 2016 News

> Find out about fundraising events held in 2016 in Westbourne Parish


Parish Giving Scheme

If you wish to make a regular contribution to the Church the preferred method of giving is using the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS). Leaflets are at the back of the church or contact our Treasurer, Jonathan Kipling.

In response to enquiries, if you give via the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS), you can ring PGS on 01452 835595 should you wish to increase your giving. You will need your 'PGS contact ID' (which is on the letter/email the PGS sent to you) and advise what you would like to give. If you can not find your contact ID or to find out more about using PGS, speak to Jonathan.


Westbourne Church Restoration Trust (WCRT)

The church has stood for centuries at the centre of our village. It is a lovely building, which exists for everybody in the parish whether they attend church or not. For the church to continue to serve and to be enjoyed by village generations to come, a Trust was created in 1992 to assist financially with its restoration and repair. More details about the WCRT charity.




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