Christian Aid 2021 Events in Westbourne
Support Christian Aid in Westbourne

Easter 2021 Online Competition
Winning entries for the Easter 2021 photographic competition at Westbourne Parish Church.

Scavenger hunt 2021
Westbourne Church fundraising event - finding our treasures at home

Fundraising Events 2020
News and write-ups from some of the Fundraising Events held in Westbourne Church, Chichester Diocese, in 2020

Guess the teddy’s name and win
Teddy competition at Westbourne Parish Church, July 2020

Fundraising News 2019
An update on fundraising news at Westbourne Parish Church, Chichester Diocese, in 2019

Concert dates at St John the Baptist Church, Westbourne

Organ Recital, William McVicker - 21 Sept 2019
William McVicker at Westbourne Church 21/9/2019

Organ Recital, Callum Alger - 16 June 2019
Concert by Callum Alger at St John the Baptist Church's Westbourne on 16 June 2019, 7pm

Fundraising News 2018
Fundraising news from 2018, Westbourne Parish Church, Chichester Diocese