Concert dates at St John the Baptist Church, Westbourne

Organ Recital, William McVicker - 21 Sept 2019
William McVicker at Westbourne Church 21/9/2019

Organ Recital, Callum Alger - 16 June 2019
Concert by Callum Alger at St John the Baptist Church's Westbourne on 16 June 2019, 7pm

Fundraising News 2018
Fundraising news from 2018, Westbourne Parish Church, Chichester Diocese. Events organised by St John the Baptist Church and Woodmancote Church for various charities and good causes.

Christmas Lunch 2018
Westbourne Church and Woodmancote Church Christmas lunch 2018

Organ Recital, Charles Harrison - 16 September 2018
Westbourne Organ Recital series 2018-2019 features Charles Harrison on 16 September 2018, 7pm

Fundraising News 2017 events
Updates on 2017 fundraising events organised by Westbourne and Woodmancote Churches, Chichester Diocese

Organ Recital, Kyoko Canaway - 20 May 2018
Details regarding the organ recital by Kyoko Canaway on 20 May 2018 at St John the Baptist Church, Westbourne.

Ivor Novello - Man of the Theatre event, 3 Feb 2018
Booking information for this fundraising event for Westbourne Church Restoration Trust with Canon David Nason in Emsworth, Sat 3 February 2018

Fundraising News 2016
News from fundraising events held in Westbourne Parish, Diocese of Chichester, in 2016