Fundraising Events 2020

Many of the events planned for 2020 had to be cancelled or were not possible due to the pandemic. Thank you to everyone who came up with ways to still keep these events going or alternative ideas, and to everyone who supported them and helped bring our community together virtually.


The Alternative Church Fete, July 2020

Online quiz night, name the teddy and a plants sale were held in July 2020 on the church fete weekend.

More on fundraising in Westbourne Parish Church.

How you can donate to the work of Westbourne Parish Church in the Chichester Diocese.


Christian Aid fundraiser, 11 May 2020

Christian Aid logoPeople 'zoomed' together to play the “Make Christian Aid a Millionaire Quiz”.

Andrew Doye had set the questions with Jane Stuttgart with the prizes multiple choice answers and four brave individuals took the hot seat to do their best to answer the challenges. Jane acted as score keeper, counting mini chocolate eggs into a champagne flute as the clever contestants answered each question.

There was audience participation when a contestant requested, everyone holding up an A, B, C or D to give their opinion of the correct multiple choice answer - 100% agreement each time! Contestants could also choose another participant to help them with a question, or go 50:50 where the four answers were reduced to two.

The two contestants who were not local to Westbourne struggled with the questions about Westbourne’s tree avenue and the date of original publication of the Westbourne Magazine, despite this two competitors achieved full marks - 100 eggs each!

It was a fun evening and participants were requested to make a donation to Christian Aid to help raise a million pounds to support those around the world who are in great need.
Jane S


Lent Lunches 

On Fridays during Lent there were lunches with short talks, soup with bread and cheese as usual in the Parish Hall.  The first lunch on 28 February 2020 raised £180 for ‘Final Straw Solent’. This local charity highlights the impact of plastic pollution on our environment and tries to minimise the amount of plastic entering our local seas and wider oceans.


Marmalade Festival, 15 Feb 2020

Thank you to everyone who made marmalade, and all those you joined us for breakfast yesterday and purchased jars to take home. There are still some jars of marmalade for sale – come to the Hall after the 9.30am service and help us increase our current total of £472.


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