wedding rings on a diaryAre you interested in getting married in St John the Baptist Church, Westbourne?

You may be able to apply to be married in a Church of England local church if you are living in the parish, grew up here or have another connection with it. 

On this page you can find out more about qualifying requirements for a wedding at the parish church, adding music to a service, flowers, and wedding receptions in the Parish Hall. There is also information about church weddings in general from the Church of England.

Where do I start?

flowers decorating the end of pews for a wedding in the church

If you want to ask about a wedding or anniversary service, the Rector, the Revd Andrew Doye, is available to talk with you and he will be delighted to discuss possibilities. He can be contacted on (01243) 372867 or by email His usual day off is Friday.

Can I get married at Westbourne Church?

To be married at St John the Baptist Church, one of the people getting married will need a connection with the church. This may be as a parishioner, because you live in the parish (our ‘patch’) or there may be a family connection through your parents or grandparents. If you have had an earlier marriage which ended in divorce please come and talk to us, you may still be able to be married in church.

Additional support in Westbourne

The church is able to offer advice on arrangements for a church wedding. It also has an organist who can help you choose music for your service. The choir may be available - check with the Rector.

The church flower team may be able to help with options for floral arrangements.

You can also email the parish hall office for enquiries about receptions. More contacts on our church directory page.



Wedding guest table set up for a reception in the parish hall Right hand side of the parish hall set up for a weddingThe Parish Hall is situated across the road from the church in Westbourne, and is chosen by many couples for their wedding reception.

More photos and details can be found on the Parish Hall, page.






To find out more about options, email 



General information on church weddings

Blue wording Church of England adjacent to a logo of a cross

We have pulled together some resources to assist you as you explore getting married in a parish church.

There is a whole section on the Church of England website to help answer many of your questions. Please visit and click on the tab ‘Weddings, Baptisms and funerals”.

Main floral arrangement created for a wedding in the churchPictured are wedding flowers from a service at Westbourne Church in 2022.

More resources

Thinking about a Church wedding? Information from the Church of England

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Legal aspects of getting married in church

Documents you will need to provide and legal requirements for a church wedding

Planning your ceremony

What are the 'readings of banns'?

Essential guide to the banns

Do we need a marriage licence? Information from the Church of England


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