2022 August 7 - Pew News


Music scheme for August 2022 (this file opens in a new window)

Sunday 7 August 2022 - 8th Sunday after Trinity

8.00am  Holy Communion (BCP)  (Revd Andrew Doye)

9.30am  Parish Communion  (Revd Andrew Doye)

Address: our Communion Service, part 2: ‘The Liturgy of the Word’

Hymns:   Come down, O Love Divine (238i); Great is thy faithfulness (650);

Thanks to God whose word (390); Just as I am (451i); Tell out my soul (394)

Voluntary:  Prelude & Fugue in B flat, BWV 560  J.S. Bach

Readings:  Genesis 15: 1-6;  Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16;  Luke 12: 32-40

6.00pm  Evening Prayer (Revd Andrew Doye)


For our further prayers (contact the Rector to add names):

The Lambeth Conference of Bishops, ending in Canterbury today.

Taiwan, Ukraine, and the peace of the world.

Those in poor health.

Robina and Terry, supporting development work in Tanzania.

Our deanery, including parishes in vacancy: The Octagon & Southbourne


Sunday 14 August 2022 – Ninth Sunday after Trinity

8.00am  Holy Communion (BCP)  (Revd Andrew Doye)

9.30am  Worship for Everyone – Songs of Praise  (Revd Andrew Doye)

Readings:  Jeremiah 23: 23-29; Luke 1: 46-55, ‘The Magnificat’

11.15am  Holy Communion at Woodmancote  (Revd Andrew Doye)



This coming week

Monday to Friday  8.30am   Morning Prayer  (via Zoom)

  Please contact Marjorie Kipling if you want a Zoom invitation

Monday 8 August 2022   10.00am to 12 noon  DROP IN (in the Parish Hall)

Wednesday 10 August 2022
10.30am Holy Communion (Revd Andrew Doye)

2.30pm  Funeral (see paper or email pew sheet for details)

Saturday 13 August  2022, 1.00pm  Wedding 

The Rector is off duty on Friday this week


News and events 

The Westbourne Horticultural Show will be in the Parish Hall next Sunday.

Bible Reading Fellowship: The New Daylight notes for September to December 2022 are in the pigeonholes for those who have ordered them.

One of the stalls at the 2022 Westbourne Parish fete
Summer Fete: repeated thanks Angie Leggett and others who ensured this event took place so well. It was great to be back on the Rectory lawn, and to offer such hospitality to the village.  The latest update of funds raised suggests a figure just over £3,000.  A provisional listing of this result is on the noticeboard in the Parish Church.

(Pictured left, one of the stalls at the 2022 Westbourne fete which was featured on the church's Facebook page)


Church Open Day: following the successes of the fete another opportunity to offer something special to our community.  On the day of our Patronal Festival, Sunday 28 August 2022, we open the doors of the parish church to visitors from 12 noon to 4pm, for people to visit, enjoy and have their eyes opened to what a treasure lies in their midst. There will be trips up the tower, history details, refreshments, displays and a very warm welcome, quizzes, lights and music; and prayers on the hour. Immediately, I am looking to build a group of guides and welcomers to assist on the day. Please speak to me soon if you can be part of that team. Revd Andrew Doye, Rector

Hospitality and Welcome on a Sunday:  we all benefit from the hospitality of others at the times of our Sunday worship in our churches. We presently need further people to act as Sidesperson, at both 08.00 and 09.30 at the Parish Church. These responsibilities are set by rota, and the aim is to spread this ministry fairly and appropriately. Please speak to the Rector or to Marjorie Kipling if you can offer in either role.

Similarly, we need some extra people to join our post-9.30am service coffee team. This task reoccurs roughly every sixth week by rota.

St Roche’s Day service, 16 August 2022: the annual open-air service of healing will take place on St Roche’s Day, Tuesday 16 August at 6.30 pm in the churchyard of The Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Singleton. Visitors are most welcome. There will be opportunity for prayers of healing and the laying on of hands.

Stonepillow: food donations wanted. We have for several years collected food for Stonepillow at the back of the church, and currently stocks have fallen low.  Can you help Stonepillow?  The high need is for instant coffee, sugar, cooking oil, gravy granules, spices, tinned meat (no spam please) tinned vegetables, pre-made custard, and a medium need for pot noodles, super noodles, pasta lunch pots, cereals (no cornflakes or porridge), breakfast/brunch bars, biscuits, chocolates and treats, crisps.

Ride & Stride Event: on Saturday 10 September 2022 across the county people will be sponsored to cycle, walk or horse ride to visit historic churches and to raise money that will be split between their own church and the Sussex Historic Churches Trust. Our Church will be open to visitors, but would any of you like to take part as a cyclist or walker to raise funds? More information is in the welcome area.

Sew a reusable shopping bag to be part of an environmental scheme promoted by Greening Westbourne: details in Church and the Magazine.

Return of the Chalice: the wine is again a regular part of our communion services. At any service, if you prefer to receive the bread only, please simply return to your seat without visiting the chalice assistant. Please don’t drink from the chalice if you have a cold or fever, and try to maintain social distancing while moving to and from the stations.

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