2020 June 14 - Pew News

Private prayer 

Following relaxation of directions in this last week we have decided to open Westbourne Parish Church from this Thursday 18 June 2020 for private prayer. The initial hours of opening will be Thursdays 10am-3pm; and Sundays 12 noon-3pm. 

Services - 14 June 2020

9.30am Morning service by Zoom. This will not be a communion service

Big Music Sunday Service: 14 June 2020, 6pm

The Royal School of Church Music is busily promoting Music Sunday, which offers in the evening a
special service, celebrating the powerful role of music and musicians in the life of the church.
John Rutter, who is a leading contributor, offers a personal encouragement for all to participate in
a video on the RSCM’s website. 

A specially designed service, led by the Very Reverend Dr John Hall will take place on the RSCM’s
YouTube channel and includes music by John Rutter, Margaret Rizza, Charles Villiers Stanford
and the specially commissioned anthem, Hymns and Psalms and Songs, by Thomas Hewitt Jones.

Each musical item will be sung or led by a different choir, and there are plenty of opportunities for
viewers and listeners to sing along. Our own parish choir is ahead of us in their invitation to take
part, but it is open to all and we will hold no competing service in the parish this evening. If it is
your wish to sing along, and you’d like to access the music scores or listen to the rehearsal tapes
in advance, these are available through our own parish music intranet. If you don’t already have
access to this, as a music-maker, contact the Director of Music or the Rector.

This service will have some tremendous musical content, and you are encouraged to tune in to this from the RSCM’s own website or by clicking this following link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=




News and events

Churchyard and church cleaning

Our thanks to those who have worked hard in the churchyard, the Rectory Lawn, and in the Parish Church itself during the past week. 

Private prayer 

The Church will be open for private prayer from 10am to 3pm on Thursdays and from midday to 3pm on Sundays, beginning on Thursday 18 June 2020. There will be a single route in and out, and within the Church. If you come into the Church within these periods please take care to use the provided hand sanitiser at the entrance and the exit, and to observe social distancing. Books and other written materials have been removed from the parts of the Church that are accessible. Please be aware that the toilet facilities will not be in use. 

We continue to admire and applaud the actions of those who give themselves generously in the service of others in these difficult days - including those who bring food to our tables, and essential provisions to our homes. 

Westbourne Magazine for July 2020

Many will be delighted hear that it is planned to return to a printed copy next month, provided government constraints are not tightened. The June 2020 edition is available for online reading (opens in a new window).

Copy date for the July edition is Tuesday 16 June 2020. 

Rector writes (extract from the full version)

This is the period of the Church’s year that we call ‘Ordinary Time’. We have moved beyond the heavily seasonal times of Lent and Easter, and the major festivals of Ascension, Pentecost and Trinity. Our focus now is broad, general, and has an air of ‘normality’ about it. Except that little is ‘normal’ in the summer of 2020.

I think in this last week I have heard more reflections of those suffering the stresses of lockdown than in any previous week. Sometimes it is individuals speaking directly of their own experience. At other times it is the knock-on effect of the sufferings and dis-ease of others. This is hardly surprising in that a lot of time has passed, and the missing of human contact has for many created an ever-increasing anxiety or a heaviness of heart.

Yes, we sense that things are changing a little, and we are encouraged by a reducing incidence of covid-19; but for many of us, that comfort is wafer-thin. Schools in the meantime have seen a change of government policy, which will have challenged them and the communities that they represent. There are few certainties at the present time.

It is a world of mixed blessings: of signs of light, but against a somewhat rainy background. Yes, progress has been in the right direction recently, but imagining ourselves into the future is a tentative pastime.
Of all the speakers on Radio 4’s ‘Thought for the Day’ each morning, my favourite is probably the writer, Rhidian Brook. He regularly makes me think, and feel, in equal measure. His imagery is immediate, and yet invites a journey into a deeper understanding. His use of language is, for me, exquisite, comforting and spiritual.

May you find the grace to find our own dear world, anew: a place where better truths are known and lived.
And the grace, in the present moment, to be upheld in the Eternal Kindness.


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