2020 November 29 - Pew News


Today’s worship (29th November)
At 0930 we worship together virtually in a Service of Parish Communion for Advent Sunday;
we light the first Advent candle.
At 1800 we celebrate Evening Prayer (BCP), again on-line via Zoom.

The presiding minister at our 0930 Service is Andrew Doye. The evening service is led by Andrew Doye.
The readings in our morning service are 1 Corinthians 1: 3-9 and Mark 13: 24-37.

Worship for the week ahead: (through the medium of ‘Zoom’, except where indicated)

Monday 30th Tuesday 1st Dec Wednesday 2nd Thursday 3rd Friday 4th 
0830 Morning Prayer - Monday
0830 Morning Prayer - Tuesday
0830 Morning Prayer - Wednesday
0830 Holy Communion - Thursday
0830 Morning Prayer - Friday

Sunday 6 December 2020 - Second Sunday of Advent
0930 Worship for Everyone, with Hymns & Address, & Christingle.

Have with you, if possible, materials to make a Christingle; or at least to draw it,
preferably with appropriate colours - see below.
1115 Holy Communion at Woodmancote Church.
Limited numbers. You need to book in advance to the Rector on 01243 372867 or by email

Advent and Christmas Services

Words from The Rector

Advent, which begins today, is a mighty season.

Advent stops us in our tracks and says, it is time for a re-set.
great story of God, in its grandeur and its intimacy. Be reminded of the message through Patriarchs and

Prophets; through John the Baptist and through God’s angels. Consider their faithful response; and be challenged. Engage with those really big themes of the Four Last Things (Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell). Imagine your way into the more contemporary themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, Love; and (for Christmas) ... Light.

Advent says re-set the fixed controls of your life. Wake. Listen. Be prepared. Be re-shaped. Do things with greater vigour, yes; but also allow God’s Spirit to do things in you. Be receptive, and be ready to be expressive .. of faith, and love and hope.

Yet in all this variety and colour there is one abiding song which gathers all these others under its tune: ‘Prepare the Way of the Lord’. And it is a big project; that goes beyond the merely personal.
Think, and think again.
Recall the Old Testament imagery played on the idea of preparing for an important visiting king. Roads would be prepared, made more level; everything would be done to honour the royal visitor and to make their journey to us more easily achieved. Their presence was craved. This was both a celebration and a help if the way could ‘be prepared’.

Perhaps this begins to hint at the supposition that Advent preparation is not simply of our own souls, or the timetables or to-do lists of our own lives. These things are important; but over and above that we are all engaged in an enterprise together of preparing for God. The changes required are not solely about ourselves; they are our small part towards a shared readiness that God may come.
Advent is a call upon me; but also upon us. It is a summons upon the Church; and it is an invitation to the entire world.

‘Prepare the way of the Lord’.

Andrew Doye, Rector


Next Sunday (6 Dec 2020) at 09.30am on Zoom
Our service will include the making or decorating of Christingles from within your own households. In order to join in have a) an orange or satsuma, red tape (or red colouring tool), small candle, sweets or dried fruit, four cocktail sticks or other prongs to set in your orange, OR paper and colouring material for the same, .. and do feel able to come along (virtually) even if you can’t summon up those materials! Everyone is welcome as part of that morning’s online service.

Advent is marked by candles - and we are all encouraged from today to place a sign of Advent in our window, to mark its celebration. Perhaps that’s a single candle (though be careful, if lighting it); or a picture of a candle (or 4) on paper, or in crepe or cellophane; or even, ambitiously, one flame this week, with a further flame added each Sunday as we progress through the season. Give it a go: there are lots of suggestions online. This can readily be a part of the Winter Wonderland decorations, too, that are promoted by the school. (in last week’s pew sheet).

Tower Clock Appeal

We are delighted to report that following the generous support from our church members and the parishioners, together with a substantial grant from a successful application by Ali George, we have reached our target for the Clock Appeal. With grateful thanks to all our donors. Revd Andrew Doye

Services in the weeks ahead
You will read in the Magazine at the end of this week, our churches’ plans for the period to the end of January 2021. You will not be surprised to learn that these are rather speculative! Still, they set out our best intentions and are based on several principles.
- to offer a robust seasonal celebration (applying notably at Christmas)
- all arrangements are subject to change
- all parishioners encouraged to request Zoom addresses
- ‘safe number’ maximum figures continue in each of our churches (precluding some services)
- prior booking will be needed when it is likely that ‘safe number’ may be approached; such booking (through the Rector) will be possible up to 14 days before a service, but will be co- ordinated to share around the possibility of attending if oversubscription were to be a problem.

The two Sunday services that are now open for pre-booking are:
6 December 2020, 1115 said communion at Woodmancote, and
13 December 2020, 1800 Advent Carols Service at Westbourne Church.
If someone books but is later unable to attend, they should please indicate so that places can be offered to others.
Future schedule
The schedule that has been drawn up hopes to restore (whilst we can) monthly services at Woodmancote (plus 1 at Christmas) fortnightly 8am Holy Communion in parish church
a complement of traditional and contemporary language
a balance of communion and service of the word opportunities for our choir to sing
Church of England materials for Advent and Christmas (‘Comfort and Joy’) are available online for you to subscribe free of charge to daily mailshots with Reflections and Prayers. Go to https://www.churchofengland.org/resources/preparing-advent-christmas-2020-comfort-and-joy 

Thank you to Ian Russell (and any deputies) who have been tolling the bell of the parish church during lockdown as a call to prayer for the parish. This has been a lovely witness and an encouragement to hold people and institutions in our intercessions. Whilst the tolling of the bell will finish along with the end of lockdown, you may very much wish to continue to pray at 6pm each evening for the topics that have been suggested.

Chandelier polishing (well it is Westbourne!)
Anyone willing to help with brass polishing on Saturday morning 5th December please drop an email to Jane Stuttard or Angie Leggett, and we will coordinate a small cleaning team.

Nativity Play 2020
Plans are underway for a filmed production. Thanks to those involved; and give them a little space to make their recordings if you stumble across them in church or churchyard or wider parish. Thanks.

Deanery Prayer Meeting
This will take place in our Parish Church this Thursday 3 December 2020 at 12 noon. Anybody is welcome for what will be a very socially distanced event.

General notices regarding provision and access during Covid-19

Nose and mouth coverings must be worn in gathered services. There is no congregational singing.
Our Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Westbourne, is open to visitors from 10am-3pm each day (Sunday 12 noon – 3pm). Whilst this remains so, we continue presently to ask all who come to wear face coverings and to write their details on the sheet to help us fulfil our Test and Trace responsibilities. For smartphone users, we now have our own venue QR code which can be used to record your visit. Please enter by the North door, and leave by the West door, using sanitizer on entry and upon leaving. The toilet is not in use during the week.
Our Sunday worship offers a regular ‘Zoomed’ service at 0930. Other weekend services will be notified. Many of our plans are presently having to adapt with short notice, so please be patient.
The local church continues to worship through ‘Zoom’ on weekday mornings at 0830 (for half an hour).

The Rector will be pleased to add to those names already registered with us and wishing to join these daily acts, however occasionally. Just send him an email.

If there are causes or people that you wish to bring to the attention of the Church and its praying community, please contact Rector or Wardens, whose details are below.

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