2021 January 17 - Pew News


Sunday 17 January 2021 - 2nd Sunday of Epiphany
09:30 we worship virtually in a Parish Communion Service
18:00 we offer a virtual service of said Evening Prayer (BCP)

Hymn tunes to be played in the 0930 service are the following. Those of you ‘present’ at our Zoomed services are always invited to sing along with them during a live broadcast act of worship, taking care to ‘mute’ your device’s microphone as you do so.

494 I, the Lord of sea and sky
103 O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness
678 In Christ alone (vv1,2,4)

The presiding minister at our 09:30 Service is Andrew Doye, with the assistance of Martin Brown and David Ince. The 18:00 service is led by Martin Brown.

The readings in our morning service are Revelation 5: 1-10 and John 1: 43-51. Our music has been played and recorded by Stewart Taylor.

A Special Prayer for The Second Sunday of Epiphany (for you to pray at home)
Almighty God,
in Christ you make all things new:
transform the poverty of our nature
by the riches of your grace,
and in the renewal of our lives
make known your heavenly glory;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Words from the Rector

It is likely that you will have heard in the middle of last week of our local decision to suspend any scheduled services in our churches forthwith, and to close the Parish Church to daytime visitors. This, you will appreciate, is a considered response to the spread of the covid-19 virus and its consequences for the community and for our hospitals and health care providers. We shall all hope for a situation ahead in which this temporary provision can be reversed.

The coronavirus pandemic stretches on, as we are painfully aware, for many months more than we might ever have contemplated. The end is not yet in sight; though many will be moved to admiration and encouragement at the progressive out-rolling of the vaccination programme. It would be churlish either to deny the sufferings that have gone before, or the need for caution going forward; but equally there is an appropriateness in glimpsing some few brighter aspects, some reasons for thankfulness, and a general outlook that refuses to bow down simply to a sense of defeat and impotence.

The following poem, which was forwarded to me this week, may speak helpfully to us of this balancing act of measured appreciation. It is not a banal call to embrace an empty optimism; indeed, it warns implicitly (through the modest ‘sometimes’) against such a stance. And yet, it says: there is a counter melody to be heard amid the cruel waves that bombard the shore. Would that we might hear, and sing.

Sometimes things don't go, after all, from bad to worse. Some years, muscadel faces down frost; green thrives; the crops don't fail, sometimes a man aims high, and all goes well. A people sometimes will step back from war; elect an honest man, decide they care enough, that they can't leave some stranger poor. Some men become what they were born for. Sometimes our best efforts do not go amiss, sometimes we do as we meant to. The sun will sometimes melt a field of sorrow (*) that seemed hard frozen: may it happen for you.
Sheenagh Pugh (2014)

[* the author wrote this poem, hurriedly (she regrets), to encourage someone recovering from cocaine addiction. Reflecting afterwards, she preferred that she might have chosen the word ‘snow’, rather than ‘sorrow’, which works both in the lines that are written and as an alternative term for cocaine itself.]

I hope there is fitting encouragement here, as we endure the long winter. I find this encouragement myself in the eternity and grace of God.
Andrew Doye, Rector

Worship for the week ahead

Monday to Friday 8.30am Morning Prayer (or Communion on Thursday).
Please contact the Rector or Marjorie Kipling if wanting a Zoom invitation

24 January 2021:

09:30 Morning Prayer with hymns (‘Zoom Service’). 3rd Sunday of Epiphany.
18:00 Said Communion (BCP)

For our prayers (contact the Rector or Wardens to add names here)

  • For the delivery of the vaccines and the practicalities of rolling out our new vaccination centres.
  • For churches responding to the needs of their communities.
  • For those responsible for education, and those whose studies are affected at this time.
  • For the families of those who have died in recent weeks.


Scavenger Hunt

Come and join our fundraising scavenger hunt on Saturday 23 January 2021  from 7pm. The idea of the game is that participants find the items commonly found in our homes. The rounds will be themed and each have a set time. Anyone who would like to have help to find items can involve others in their home. The game will last about an hour and half with a short break between each round. It will be easy for everyone to take part. You can book your place by emailing the Rector.

Donations for church funds can be made online at or you can put an envelope with your donation, details and gift aid form through the rectory letterbox.

Everybody is welcome, near and far, so gladly spread the word to friends, family and neighbours.

Westbourne Magazine

The first issue of 2021 will be published at the end of this week. The annual subscription for 2021 of £6 is due (and for subscribers your distributor will be in contact soon). In the current circumstances you may wish to have a Magazine delivered, if so please contact Marjorie Kipling as soon as possible (we currently make deliveries in Westbourne, Emsworth, Aldsworth and Woodmancote).

Closure Notice from 14 January 2021 the following actions have been implemented:

1. Closure of the Parish Church to visitors until further notice. Access will be allowed for the needs of necessary servicing and maintenance and the obtaining and storage of materials and equipment; and for use and upkeep of the Organ.
2. The cessation of all gathered services in the Parish Church until further notice, including funerals.

These decisions, you will know, have been made in response to the latest circumstances of the covid-19 pandemic, locally and nationally; with particular awareness of the rising level of hospitalisations and the consequent pressures upon the NHS and other providers.

The decisions will be a matter of regular review. It is not presently expected that a re-opening of the Church in the middle of the week would take place before 1st March at the earliest.
The Rector confirms his present intention to provide broadcast acts of worship in place of the scheduled evening services in so far as this is possible. He writes further, as follows:

The present decisions are made in full realisation that they will find a mixed reception: they will be a cause of sadness to some residents, and a matter of relief to others. I shall seek to continue a robust and increasing provision of online worship through Zoom, and the added provision of printed materials (with particular concern for those unable to access electronically broadcast worship). I am also hopeful that pastoral care and contact, necessarily constrained already as a consequence of these present times, will nevertheless find continued expression through appropriate and developing means.

‘Zoom’ on weekday mornings - The local church continues to worship at 0830 (for half an hour), Mondays to Fridays. As restrictions on our movements increase presently, it is suggested this might be of interest to additional members of our congregations or village. You can ‘attend’ with whatever frequency works for you, but to be added to the list of those invited please first contact The Rector who will be pleased to add you to the daily distribution list. Just send him an email.


Westbourne Help

It did such a good job locally in the earlier months of the pandemic has been called back into being by the Parish Council to help those who are isolating or have no other support over the winter because of Covid-19. Notices are posted around the village.

If there are causes or people that you wish to bring to the attention of the Church and its praying community, please contact Rector or Wardens, whose details are below.


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