2021 March 21 - Pew News


Sunday 21 March 2021 - Fifth Sunday in Lent - Passiontide

At 9.30 am we worship virtually in a Service of the Word. 

Our scheduled 6.00pm service has been cancelled.

The presiding minister at our 9.30 service will be Martin Brown, with the assistance of Debbie Purdy.

The Bible readings in our service are: Jeremiah 31, 31-34 and John 12: 20-33.

We also have an Anthem from our Girl’s Choir.


A Special Prayer for the Fifth Sunday in Lent

Most merciful God, who by the death and resurrection 

of your Son Jesus Christ delivered and saved the world: 

grant that by faith in him who suffered on the cross 

we may triumph in the power of his victory; through

Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, nd together

in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.


Reflect – Support - Hope 

A National Day of Reflection: 23 March 2021. 

Take a minute to reflect and a moment to connect.

The Church of England and many charities and organisations across the UK, will join forces on Tuesday 23rd March for a National Day of Reflection to commemorate the first anniversary of the nationwide Coronavirus lockdown.

The Archbishop of York writes: “As we look back on the sorrows and difficulties of the past year and remember those who have died and those who have suffered so much, we also give thanks for the care we have received through our health service, but also in many other ways, not least the care we have been able to show each other in our local communities.  On this day of national reflection and remembrance we pray for a more just and caring world beyond the horrors of Covid.”

At Noon on Tuesday, there will be a national one minute silence.

And a prayer....

God of Love, as we think about all that has changed this year help us to trust that you are always with us. As we remember those who have died, help us to trust they are at peace with you. As we reach out to others with kindness and care, may hope shine out in every heart and home.  Amen


Worship for the week ahead

 Monday to Friday - 8.30am - Morning Prayer 

 Please contact Marjorie Kipling if you want a Zoom invitation

Sunday 28 March at 9.30am - A Service of the Word for Palm Sunday (a ‘Zoom Service’).

Palm crosses will be available to collect from the Lychgate at St John’s from the 26th March, or why not make your own from foliage or paper.

And at 6.00pm – Evening Prayer (a ‘Zoom Service’)


Services for Easter

29 -31 March 2021 - Holy Week, 7.00pm - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week
Stations of the Cross and Compline - Led by Reader, Martin Brown via Zoom

1 April 2021 - Maundy Thursday, 7.00pm
Liturgy of Maundy Thursday from Chichester Cathedral www.chichestercathedral.org.uk/worship/live-streamed-services 

2 April 2021 - Good Friday
From 10.30am - Individual pilgrimage to Church.

A wooden cross will be placed outside, against the east wall of St John the Baptist. You are invited to make your own pilgrimage to this cross, or to the cross at Woodmancote Church, where you can place a homemade or palm cross.

(Please maintain social distancing)

3.00pm - Liturgy of Good Friday from Chichester Cathedral   


4 April 2021 - Easter Sunday    

9.30am - Eucharist from Chichester Cathedral 


6.00pm - Evening Prayer led by Martin via Zoom

Church opening update

From the 1 April 2021, the Parish Church will be open for private prayer on Thursdays between 11am and 3pm and on Sundays between Noon and 3pm.  Face coverings must be worn, please follow the signage and the one-way system and maintain social distancing.

The Churches remain closed for gathered services until further notice.


For our prayers

Please contact the Churchwardens to add names.

For our continued pursuit of the season of Lent.

For schools faced with a full or partial return of students.

For those who feel especially isolated; and for the presence of mind to keep those we know in touch by various means.

For the combatting of Covid-19 in poorer countries.

For those in special need at present.


Chichester Cathedral – A reminder that the Cathedral is open for services, prayer, and reflection, in line with current Government guidance.  The Cathedral is open Monday - Saturday (10.00am - 4.00pm) and Sunday (10.00am - 2.00pm).  Services from the Cathedral are also available on-line.

Revision of Electoral Roll - The Churches’ Electoral Roll is being revised. If you would like your name to be added, please contact Margaret Bristowe or pick up a form from the North Porch of the Church in Westbourne. Closing date is Sunday 4 April 2021. If your name is already on the roll you do not need to contact Margaret, unless you have changed your contact details.

Prayer requests - If there are causes or people that you wish to bring to the attention of the Church and its praying community, please contact the Churchwardens.


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