2022 June 12 - Pew News


Sunday 12 June 2022 - Trinity Sunday

8.00am  Holy Communion (BCP)   (Revd Andrew Doye)

9.30am  Parish Communion  (Revd Andrew Doye)

Hymns:  Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty! (276);  Father, we adore you (274);  Angel voices ever singing (589);  The church’s one foundation (506, omit v3);  Thou, whose almighty word (810)

Readings:  Proverbs 8:1-4,22-31; Romans 5:1-5; John 16: 12-15

Voluntary:  Ronda alla Latina  Hans-André Stamm

11.15am  Holy Communion at Woodmancote  (Revd Andrew Doye)

Hymns:  NEH  146,  433,  408,  343

6.00pm  Choral Evensong  (Martin Brown preaching)

Hymns:  O worship the King (754, omit v3);  Psalm 8;  Bright the vision that delighted (603);  The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended (24)

Anthem:  Locus iste  Anton Bruckner

ReadingsExodus 3.1-15; John 3. 1-17

Voluntary:   Prelude & Fugue in C BWV545   J S Bach


For our further prayers (contact the Rector to add names):

Ukraine: its suffering people, and its future peace.

Those who will be baptised this week.

Those for whom banns of marriage are read this week. 

Families of those who have died recently.


Sunday 19 June 2022 – First Sunday after Trinity

8.00am  Holy Communion (BCP)  (Revd Andrew Doye)

9.30am  Parish Communion  (Revd Andrew Doye)

Readings:   Isaiah 65: 1-9; Galatians 3: 23-end;  Luke 8: 26-39

11.15am  Baptisms at Woodmancote (by invitation)

6.00pm  Mid-month Special  (Revd Andrew Doye)


This coming week

Monday to Friday  8.30am   Morning Prayer  (via Zoom)

  Please contact Marjorie Kipling if you want a Zoom invitation

Monday 13 June 2022   10.00am to 12 noon  DROP IN (in the Parish Hall)

Tuesday 14 June 2022   10am-12 noon Coffee Morning (see below)

Wednesday 15 June 2022   10.30am  Holy Communion (Revd Andrew Doye)

Saturday 18 June 2022  2.00-4.00pm  The Parish Council invites you to the Annual Parish Assembly on the Rectory Lawn

 The Rector is off duty on Friday this week

Choral Evensong, 12 June 2022, 6.00pm

This will be the first of these services with our full choir since lockdown. We will be joined by some members of the Arundel Church choir, with whom we will sing the same service on 3 July 2022 at 5pm in Arundel.Do join us for these services.

Return of the Chalice 

The wine has been re-introduced at all communion services for those who wish to partake. At 09.30am we have a communion station in the north aisle, as well as that centrally. If you prefer to receive the bread only, simply return to your seat without visiting the chalice assistant. To refrain from either bread or wine is a personal choice, and communion takes place validly, whether in one kind or bothWe ask people not to drink from the chalice if they have a cold or fever. 


News and events

Summer Fete - Saturday 23 July 2022, 12 noon until 3.00pm

You are invited to a short meeting after the 9.30am service this morning to firm up on plans, confirm details, and ensure we have a great occasion. Plenty of helpers needed, both on the day and in advance. Come to the meeting; and please offer help now to Angie Leggett (377825). 

Books, books, books - Great time to clear your post Lockdown shelves of all those books you have now read, and give them to the Church Fete bookstall for others to enjoy, and to raise money for Church Funds in a painless way. Painless? Yes indeed, because if you ring or email stall organisers, and provide your address (including POSTCODE and phone number please), they we will first check that its convenient for you, and then come and collect them. So, no heavy lifting required! Contact details are in the paper version of the pew sheet and the email version. If you do not have access to these, please send a message on the website's contact form.

Songs for Summer – Saturday 23 July 2022 at 7.00pm – Save the Date

Professional soprano Alison Pearce will give a recital of songs to suit all tastes, accompanied by our own Stewart Taylor.  More details to come. 

Coffee Morning in aid of The Leprosy Mission  

Please join us at Cranberry, North Street for coffee on Tuesday 14 June 2022, 10am-12 noon. We have supported the Mission for many years. Every two minutes, someone is diagnosed with leprosy: that's more than 200,000 new cases a year. Although it is curable, millions of people worldwide live with the effects of leprosy, from physical disability to mental health problems, poverty and discrimination. The Mission aims to help these people.

Christian Aid Week – 15-21 May 2022 

Collections from house to house delivery of envelopes raised the sum of £2,145. Thank you to everyone.

Living in Love and Faith course 
For five Tuesdays from 5 July 2022, 7pm. Please sign the sheet to join, or contact the Rector for details.

Yearning to read a lesson at 09.30am service?  Please offer to the Rector.

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