Pew News - 2020 March 1


Sunday 1 March 2020 - 1st Sunday in Lent & St David’s Day

8.00am    ​Holy Communion (BCP)   (Revd Andrew Doye)

9.30am​    Parish Communion ​(Revd Andrew Doye)

Anthem:  The Lord is my Shepherd - Howard Goodall

Voluntary:  Prelude & Fugue in C BWV 547 - J S Bach

6.00pm ​Evening Prayer (said)  (Revd Andrew Doye)

Readings: Genesis 2: 15-17;3: 1-7; Psalm 84:1-7; 32; Romans 5: 12-19; Matthew 4: 1-11

Sunday 8 March 2020 - 2nd Sunday in Lent

8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)   (Revd Andrew Doye)

9.30am​ Worship for Everyone (Revd Andrew Doye & Martin Brown)

11.15am​ Holy Communion at Woodmancote (Revd Andrew Doye)

6.00pm​ Parish Communion  ​(Revd Andrew Doye)

Readings:  Genesis 12: 1-4a;  Psalm 121; Romans 4: 1-5, 13-17;  John 3: 1-17

Corona Virus  -  best practice at communion
During this period of concern, the Diocese of Chichester encourages us not to intinct the communion wafer (‘dipping it in the cup’), which is understood to carry more likelihood of passing on infections to others, but rather to sip from the chalice - or, if preferred, to receive only in one kind (eg just the bread, if this is your preference). It is also respected if you should prefer to exchange the peace in words and eye contact alone. Advice will of course be reviewed.

This Week (in the Parish Church unless stated)

Monday to Friday 2 to 6 March 2020

8.30am ​Morning Prayer

Monday 2 March 2020

9.30am ​Tots’ Time

Wednesday 4 March 2020

10.30am​ Holy Communion  (Revd Andrew Doye)

Thursday 5 March 2020

10.00am ​Funeral

Friday 6 March 2020

10.00am-12 noon     World Day of Prayer service (St John’s, Southbourne)

12.30pm​                   Lent Lunch - ‘Divestment & Ethical Investments’ (Parish Hall)

Monday, 2 March ​​No Drop in on Thursday this week

10.00am to 12 noon​ Drop In for Coffee and Chat in the Parish Hall

The Rector’s day off is Friday

News and Events

Tots' Time: Monday mornings at 09.30am in the Church, weekly during term time. A fun act of worship for little ones. Do spread the word!

Next Deanery Prayer Gatherings Thursday 5 March 2020 at 12 noon at St Andrew’s, West Stoke and Saturday 21 March at 9.30am at St Michael’s Church, Up Marden.

Confirmation in Westbourne Deanery: service on 7 May 2020 in the Cathedral. Any adult who is interested in being Confirmed, or the parent of a child who is similarly interested, please speak with the Revd Andrew Doye this week.

50:50 Club February 2020 winners are 1st No. 5, 2nd No. 48 and 3rd No. 46.

Revision of Electoral Roll. The Electoral Roll is being revised. If you would like your name to be added, please complete one of the forms by the north door in church and pass to me via the ‘B’ pigeonhole. Closing date for receipt of new forms is Sunday 5 April 2020. If your name is already on the roll you do not need to fill in another form. Many thanks. Margaret Bristowe.


Lent Lunches. On each Friday during Lent there will be a lunch with a short talk, soup with bread and cheese as usual at 12.30pm in the Parish Hall.  

Lent 2020 – Church of England’s LiveLent ‘Care for God’s Creation’: sign up for daily emails of and reflections at

Lent Housegroups are now full. Any queries contact to Roddy R (contacts in church).

Lent talks in the Octagon Parish (in the setting of Compline)

Thursdays at 7pm, St Peter’s East Marden.

5 Mar 2020 ‘The Church in the Countryside’  (Revd Rob Dillingham)

12 Mar 2020  ‘The Cathedral in the World’  (Very Revd Stephen Waine)

19 Mar 2020 ‘The Church and Education’  (Mrs Fiona Mullett)

26 Mar 2020  ‘The Church and Other Faiths’  (Revd Dr Richard Sudworth)

2 April 2020  ‘The Church and Politics’  (Revd Marcus Walker)

Volunteers needed

Drop-in. We are keen to recruit more volunteers to help and especially on a Thursday. If you join the team it tends to work out as twice in a three month period that you would be on duty. Please help us to keep this valuable service going. If you would like to know more please speak to Marjorie Kipling or Andrew Turner. Many thanks.

Church Watcher required for the 4th Monday each month. Please speak to Marjorie Kipling if you could help with this.

Wanted - someone who can do computer graphics for designing posters. Please speak to Jane Stuttard

Church Summer Fête, Saturday 25 July 2020  -  We are very grateful for Cherry D's excellent steering of the Fête last summer. This year, I am looking to get a committee together to co-ordinate the event, and planning is in its early stages. Please contact me, Angie Leggett in the coming days if you could happily be a part of such a group.


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