2020 October 4 - Pew News

Opening arrangements

Our Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Westbourne, is open to visitors from 10am-3pm each day (Sunday 12 noon – 3pm). This arrangement will remain until further notice, but will be reviewed alongside government and central Church instructions. You will see we have a new Notice with our own NHS Covid-19 venue QR code, sadly only of use to those with smartphones for tracing and tracking. Otherwise, contact details can be left using a pen and paper.

The Parish Hall is closed to ‘casual’ bookings, though it has re-opened to many of our regular users this month.

Our Sunday worship today offers a ‘Zoomed’ service at 09:30. Next week’s provision appears below. Details for weeks beyond that may change, so please continue to look at the schedules printed in these Pew Longsheets.

The local church continues to worship through ‘Zoom’, not only on Sundays, but on weekdays. The Rector will be pleased to add to those names already registered with us. Just send him an email.

This weekend’s worship (4 October 2020)

At 09:30 we worship together virtually in Parish Communion, with hymns and address. This
includes two recorded sung items from our re-gathered choir. Those of you ‘present’ at our Zoomed services are always invited to sing along with them during a live broadcast act of worship, taking care to ‘mute’ your device’s microphone as you do.

The readings in our morning service are Micah 6: 6-8; Galatians 6: 14-18 (abridged) and Luke 12: 22-34.

At 18:00 we offer a said service of Evening Prayer (traditional language), in the Parish Church, for
which no prior booking is needed. (Readings: Proverbs 2: 1-11; 1 John 2: 1-17)

Words from The Rector

Francis of Assisi is arguably A Saint for Our Times. We are all aware of the environmental need that surrounds us, the crisis of the earth’s integrity. 13th century Francis, with his evident delight and focus upon the created order, speaks into this context. He has been declared the Patron of Ecology; and it is deeply significant that the present Pope chose for himself the name Francis (the first papal use of this name).

Francis sits readily in this present season of Creationtide. Indeed the timing of that (optional) season in the Church’s celebration is suggested as any period from 1 September to 4 October (the feast of St Francis). He belongs, and it is a joy that this year his special day falls on a Sunday.
Francis stands for the world around us, for simplicity, and for identification with the poor and

The sonnet from the Anglican priest-poet, Malcolm Guite, invokes the famous calling of God to Francis; and also Francis’ own calling to you and me. It uses the image of waking oneself, and being wakened, and waking others: an imagery we are more used to associating with Advent, but which here urges upon us an Advent-like urgency in our own response to the Gospel. Re- prioritisation, new reckonings, setting down of false things ... there is a need to ‘make our ruin good’ and find wholeness and healing. (Sonnet in full can be found in the long pew sheet).

I have suggested today that some of us are ‘wired’ well to heed and enjoy God’s creation. Others of us know the desire to be better aligned with its call upon our souls.

Francis reminds us, by his manner, that God’s wonderful creation is born in joy; exists in joy; and persists in joy. It is not the stuff of anxious concern (consider instead the ravens, or the lilies); but the stuff of gift and goodness, blessing and beauty.
That there is truth wherever there is beauty; and there is liberty, wherever there is breath.
You and I may yet be caught up in the song of today’s Gospel reading, or of St Francis: in the joyful, trusting, celebratory, generous, humble dance of all Creation. Laudato si, o mi Signore: Praise be to you, O my Lord!

Worship for the week ahead: (‘remote’ through the medium of ‘Zoom’)

Monday 5th Tuesday 6th Wednesday 7th Thursday 8th Friday 9th
0830 Morning Prayer
0830 Holy Communion 

Sunday 11th
0930 Worship for Everyone, with Hymns and Address HARVEST THANKSGIVING (see notices below)
And ... at 1800 Sung Evensong for Harvest Sunday (BCP) in the Parish Church
Please book for this evening service by email or phone call to the Rector in the course of the week, so that we can confidently stay within our ‘safe number’. Note: the singing will be coming (socially distanced) from the chancel, since congregational singing is not (yet) permitted.


Any gathered worship which we are to offer requires new and unfamiliar things of those participating. Please honour the constraints that apply, including the bringing of a face covering for any gathering indoors; and the use of Sanitiser as directed on entering and leaving the Church. For Prayer Book services, you are invited to bring your own copy of the Book of Common Prayer.

HARVEST SUNDAY and Harvest Donations Next Sunday, October 11, will be our Harvest Thanksgiving. Though we are not able to celebrate this important festival with our usual extravagance, we still hope as many as possible will be able to play their part.
The morning service at 0930 takes place via Zoom. Invitations are sent in advance, though anyone wanting to be a part of this event and not presently on our distribution list should please contact the Rector, who will gladly add you to this list.
You are asked for this service to have with you an item of fruit, flower, veg, or other foodstuff, as a physical focus for your thanksgiving that day.
The evening service at 1800 will be a Sung Evensong in the Parish Church. Please book with the Rector by phone or email to reserve a place. The sung parts of the service will be delivered from the Chancel, with the involvement of a socially distanced choir. The Church will be modestly decorated to reflect the Harvest Season.
For understood reasons we cannot have the larger scale celebrations of previous years, nor can we welcome the School into the Church in the days before the service. There are ways below, however, in which we can support our traditional Harvest good causes.

Donations for Stonepillow
a) Food and Toiletries donations
 We have opened up our collection boxes again in the Parish Church for parishioners to leave items during the time of weekday opening. Non-perishable goods and toiletries only, please. All donations will be collected and delivered to St Joseph’s Hostel Hunston on Monday 12 October.
  b) Financial Gifts
Financial gifts can be made by one of these methods
1. Cheque made out to Stonepillow
2. On line stonepillow.org.uk website “make a donation”, which can also arrange gift aid
3. BACS to Stonepillow Barclays Bank, A/C No - 60782114, Sort Code - 20-20-62.
Gift Aid can also be made using envelopes or forms which will be available at the back of the church.
 Church Watching - it is encouraging that we are allowed to open our church once again, but these are difficult times, and many of us are only too well aware that caution is still needed in our daily lives. However, if there are those willing to join our rota of Church Watchers, who open and close the church daily and keep it safe for potential visitors, please contact Marjorie Kipling. We very much need some added names.

A Message from our Electoral Roll Officer: Although the Electoral Roll was revised in March/April this year, as no Annual Parochial Church Meeting took place it is necessary to revise it again in preparation for
The APCM on 25 October 2020. If you would like your name to be on the roll, please contact me and I can then give you the appropriate form. Closing date for receipt of new forms is Sunday 4th October. If your name is already on the roll you do not need to fill in another form. Many thanks, Margaret Bristowe.

October Magazine - Copies are now available, through our usual outlets (Animal Feeds, Collins Garage, Westbourne Café and Westbourne Stores) and from the church.

Open Church - The Parish Church is open to visitors throughout the week from 10am to 3pm, and on Sundays from 12 noon to 3pm. We continue to ask all who come to abide by present restrictions and advice, including our urging the use of face masks and your writing your details on the sheet to help us fulfil our Test and Trace responsibilities. For smartphone users, we now have our own venue QR code. Please enter by the North door, and leave by the West door, using sanitizer on entry and upon leaving. The toilet is not in use.

Choir Practices. These are beginning again, with caution, after many months in abeyance. Our thanks to Stewart Taylor and others who have held things together in the meantime, encouraging the keeping up of human contact, and planning towards future possibilities. Potential new members of the choir should approach Stewart to explore this possibility.

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